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Patching trim means modify the kext (driver) responsible for managing disks. The change is reversible and you can always manually reset it. Enabling patch is your responsibility and at your own risk.

OSX Compatibility List:

Snow Leopard
  10.6.7    10.6.8
  10.7.0    10.7.1    10.7.2    10.7.3  
  10.7.4    10.7.5
Mountain Lion
  10.8.0    10.8.1    10.8.2    10.8.3
  10.8.4    10.8.5   
  10.9.0    10.9.1    10.9.2    10.9.3
  10.9.4    10.9.5   
  10.10    10.10.1    10.10.2    10.10.3

trim patch

ssd optimization and improve performance and durability

mac osx trim enabler and disable sleep status

trim enabling, patching and ssd optimization for osx snow leopard, lion, mountain lion, mavericks and yosemite

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